Topic 6 – Goodbye UOSM2033…

When I began UOSM2033 back in October, it seemed odd to me that there could ever be a lecture, seminar and exam free module that worked so well for students. However, as each week went on, my confidence and knowledge of topics grew immensely. I have made a Prezi, linked below, that summarises my background prior to starting Living and Working on the Web, including the self test comparison!

The realisation hit me around Topic 3 that everything covered within this module would be so beneficial to me in future years. Being only in my second year, I feel accustomed to take this new found knowledge into consideration for many years to come when delving into future careers. Many changes have already appeared that I believe will assist me. Even simple things, such as privacy on social media accounts, that would have otherwise gone unaltered. It’s vital to be clued up on digital skills – we are now part of the new digital generation who will be under the watchful eye of the employer, whether we like it or not.




I believe blogging is the main vital skill that I have picked up from completing UOSM2033. Being able to write fluently about a given topic with research reflects expertise to any future employer, and demonstrates initiative within a hobby that isn’t just “socialising with friends” or “listening to music”. I will most definitely be continuing with blogging in future weeks – I feel now the module has almost ended, it seems strange to not continue posting blogs.

Looking back over the various topics, I would have to say topic 3 was my favourite to research and write. I enjoyed learning whilst researching – acquiring skills as I wrote for future use.




In conclusion, this module has proven to be of huge benefit to me. I have obtained confidence and guidance as well as crucial feedback from peers on the module. Hopefully, the future will bring an increase in modules such as this, it’s been enjoyable and far less stressful when compared to other courses! The fear of assessment disappeared and was replaced by the innovative and fun form of blogging – a handy skill that has turned into a hobby.


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