Reflection on topic 5 – open access online – what does it mean? What have we discovered?



Personally, outweighing the advantages and disadvantages of open access appeared to be such a difficult task. With very little prior knowledge of content producers and the concept of open access, it was insightful and helpful for me to research around before beginning my topic 5 post, and write this in a basic and simplified way.

The majority of blog posts helped to add to this newly found knowledge – Joe and Emma’s blogs in particular shone light on the situation in varying contexts to those I had researched before hand. I feel as though the criticisms of open access were clearer and broader to me once I had read everyone’s posts – it helped to fit the puzzle pieces together on such a new idea. I would have liked to have gone into some points in more detail and perhaps given more examples of the disadvantages in certain contexts. In his blog post, Joe focused on piracy issues regarding movies online – a medium through which I wouldn’t have thought to venture into – however his blog post flowed really well.
Emma’s blog mentioned the benefits of paywalls – something vital that I now wish I had evaluated within my own blog post.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy with coursework deadlines etc – so I feel as though topic 4 and 5 have been slacking. I’m looking forward to concluding this module and putting my head together, (hopefully) coming up with something that’s thought provoking for the final post – topic 6 allows for more time to plan, and with the lack of other module deadlines, I’m wishing for a brilliant post that will sum up the course nicely and gain me a good mark.

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