Reflecting on Topic 3 – how do we become authentic online?



It’s safe to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed researching around the subject of authenticity online for topic 3. LinkedIn appeared to be a common denominator when exploring around other blog posts on the page, something that also popped into my mind straight away when reading the designated question for topic 3.

It was insightful to read everybody’s views on how to create an authentic professional profile online – many focused on the negatives and what not to do, whilst others focused mainly on the positives, informing us on what to do to ensure the authenticity of the online profile.

As linked to below,  Kevin’s blog included the term ‘personal branding’, meaning literally how you brand and market yourself online. I hadn’t come across this term before. It’s important to the topic of online authenticity and will definitely be something for me to look into further.

The whole process of creating a genuine and professional online profile is something that can be achieved in many ways, via various different platforms. Many similarities on these platforms, however, include the need for a sensible username, concise/relevant information and something that makes you stand out from others etc etc – the list goes on.

In summary, topic 3 really challenged me to engage with a side of the internet that I have never really ventured into. Although I had a basic knowledge of the sites used to create professional profiles, the research and sources given allowed me to find more insightful quotes and facts to include within my post. I will keep a track of the sources used for future referencing when creating a professional profile online, ready for when I graduate.

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Virtual College,. Managing Your Professional Digital Profile. Web. 13 Nov. 2016.


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