A reflection on Topic 2

Topic 2, regarding having multiple online identities, was very interesting to research. The majority of blog posts that I looked at included references to MTV’s Catfish – a good starting point when talking about the negative aspects of having different ‘personas’ on the internet.

I think it’s interesting to see everybody’s viewpoints on the subject – many people argued having more than one online identity to be a positive thing – having two email addresses allows for personal contextual barriers online between companies and yourself not to be crossed. It also lets you determine the level of private vs personal information you are willing to give away with regards to family etc.

On the other hand, many posts strongly believed that having more than one online identity was a negative thing, arguing that it puts off potential employers, and leaves yourself at risk of having your identity stolen.

Reading the blog posts definitely bulked up my knowledge on the whole topic of your identity online – it’s an ongoing debate with no set correct answer, it’s more of a personal choice which varies depending on the context. It’s fair to say that before partaking in this module, this topic in particular, I was unaware of the sheer amount of research surrounding having multiple online identities, as well as the positives/negatives it can hold.

Overall, topic 2 has proven to be thought-provoking and insightful for me, and I know that the content covered will be extremely useful to refer to in the future within and around this module.

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Here are the links to my two comments:

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